A memoization function that uses a WeakMap


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A memoization function that uses a WeakMap


yarn add @emotion/weak-memoize


Because @emotion/weak-memoize uses a WeakMap the argument must be a non primitive type, e.g. objects, functions, arrays and etc. The function passed to weakMemoize must also only accept a single argument.

import weakMemoize from '@emotion/weak-memoize'

let doThing = weakMemoize(({ someProperty }) => {
  return { newName: someProperty }

let obj = { someProperty: true }

let firstResult = doThing(obj)

let secondResult = doThing(obj)

firstResult === secondResult // true

let newObj = { someProperty: true }

let thirdResult = doThing(newObj)

thirdResult === firstResult // false

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