Formats and outputs Emmet abbreviation in different markup languages (HTML, XML, Slim, Pug etc)


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Emmet output formatters Build Status

A collection of output formatters for Emmet abbreviations. Takes parsed abbreviation and returns its string representation, formatted according to given output profile, in one of supported syntax:

  • HTML (including XML and XHTML)
  • HAML
  • Pug
  • Slim


The default bundle contains all supported syntaxes. If you don’t need all of them and want to cut-down your own bundle size a bit, you can import required formatters directly:

// import all formatters
import format from '@emmetio/markup-formatters';

// import HTML formatter only
import html from '@emmetio/markup-formatters/dist/html.es.js';
// ...also available as CommonJS module, e.g. dist/html.cjs.js


import parse from '@emmetio/abbreviation';
import Profile from '@emmetio/output-profile';
import format from '@emmetio/markup-formatters';

// parse abbreviation first
const abbr = parse('ul>li.item*3>img');

// output as HTML
const htmlProfile = new Profile({
    compactBooleanAttributes: true
console.log(format(abbr, htmlProfile, 'html'));

// output as XML
const xmlProfile = new Profile({
    selfClosingStyle: 'xml',
    inlineBreak: 0
console.log(format(abbr, xmlProfile, 'html'));

// output as Slim
console.log(format(abbr, new Profile(), 'slim'));

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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