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Ember Guides Source Build Status

This repository contains the written content for the Ember.js Guides. Here, contributors can file issues and submit PRs to help improve the learning experience of other developers. The markdown files in this repository are fetched and displayed by the guides-app.

Looking for repositories for the other parts of emberjs.com? Check out website, ember-api-docs, super-rentals tutorial, statusboard, deprecation-app, and styleguide.


Welcome and thanks for your help! Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for detailed instructions on how to format your work and submit a Pull Request. First-time contributors are encouraged to choose issues that are labeled "help wanted" or "good for new contributors." If you have questions or want a buddy to pair with, you can join the dev-ember-learning channel in the Ember Community Discord.


The guides are spellchecked and linted for markdown consistency. You can test your contributions by running npm run lint::md. Linting and spellchecking must pass or they will fail in Travis-CI. See CONTRIBUTING.md for more information on linting and spellchecking.

Project layout

The Guides content takes the form of Markdown files (just like most READMEs). Each minor version of Ember has its own directory within /guides/. Pull requests should make edits to only the latest version of Ember, except in the case of bug reports for broken links.

Local Development

To see your changes locally, you need two repositories on your computer. This repository, guides-source contains only written content as markdown files, which are fetched and displayed by guides-app.

Before following the below instructions and making any changes, first-time contributors should see CONTRIBUTING.md for instructions on forking the guides-source and guides-app repositories and making a first pull request.

git clone git://github.com/ember-learn/guides-app.git
git clone git://github.com/ember-learn/guides-source.git

cd guides-source
npm link

cd ../guides-app/
npm i
npm link @ember-learn/guides-source
npm start

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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