Used primarily by `@emartech/rabbitmq-client`'s batch consumer.


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Object Batcher

Used primarily by @emartech/rabbitmq-client's batch consumer.



const ObjectBatcher = require('@emartech/object-batcher-js');

const objectBatcher = new ObjectBatcher(callback_fn, {

The callback function will be called after the batchTimeout expires or the pushed items count reaches the set batchSize or the overall pushed items count reaches the given prefecthCount.

Pushing an item into the object batcher

objectBatcher.add(groupBy, payload);

Different payloads with the same groups will be batched and the callback will be called with (groupBy, payloads) arguments.

Reseting state of batcher


This method is mostly usefull during testing. Before each test case you could call resetState to ensure the leftover state from previous run does not interfere with the current one.

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