Simple, efficient iterators for OCaml


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This is c-cube's Gen iterator library for OCaml, cross-compiled to JavaScript via BuckleScript (an OCaml-to-JavaScript compiler) for Reason (an alternative OCaml syntax targeting that compiler.)

You can safely ignore the installation instructions below when compiling to JS. Instead:

  1. Install this fork through npm:

     npm install --save @elliottcable/bs-gen
  2. Manually add bs-gen to your bsconfig.json's bs-dependencies:

     "bs-dependencies": [
  3. Use Gen.t!

Of note, I ran into some type errors when trying to compile with GenLabels API enabled; thus, the npm version of this library omits that entirly. All of the other modules are included, though.

Original README follows:


Iterators for OCaml, both restartable and consumable. The implementation keeps a good balance between simplicity and performance.

The library is extensively tested using qtest. If you find a bug, please report!

The documentation can be found here; the main module is Gen and should suffice for 95% of use cases.


$ opam install gen

or, manually, by building the library and running make install. Opam is recommended, for it keeps the library up-to-date.


You can either build and install the library (see "Build"), or just copy files to your own project. The last solution has the benefits that you don't have additional dependencies nor build complications (and it may enable more inlining).

If you have comments, requests, or bugfixes, please share them! :-)


There are no dependencies. This should work with OCaml>=3.12.

$ make

To build and run tests (requires oUnit and qtest):

$ opam install oUnit qtest
$ ./configure --enable-tests
$ make test


This code is free, under the BSD license.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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