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Welcome to Mighty JS (MJS)

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MJS is context agnostic ORM written in pure JS. It has been inspired by EmberData, Backbone models, js-data and Waterline.

Why ?

When working on huge, enterprise size client side projects, you have to structure your application with good separation of concerns. A good way to do it is to use the MVC pattern, or one of its variants.

The Model part is often misunderstood : developpers usually uses plain javascript objects without any mapping, validations, etc.

That's where MJS is going strong, look at all the features bellow.


NodeJS is required. Use the folling commands to bootstrap your application :

  • npm install
  • npm run typings
  • npm run build

To launch tests :

  • npm test

Main features (preview)

Models and ORM

  • RESTful entities
  • Schemas
  • Inheritance
  • Attributes
  • Lifecycle callbacks
  • Associations
  • Query language


  • Basic rules
  • Custom rules


  • HTTP
  • Web socket
  • Local Storage
  • Local Forage
  • Firebase
  • Parse

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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