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Runtime for @effectful/es implementing ECMAScript standard generator, async and async generator function.


The module is automatically injected into @effectful/js output. If you are not new effects libraries implementer you don't need the next documentation.


There are a few options to build it, and a few builds are published to npm.

To configure own builds use environment variables (with statically eliminated false if branches) and rollup (import only required modules).

For most applications, pre-built runtimes are enough. Next information is only for building own runtime. The environment variable options are:

  • EJS_INLINE - do not include abstract interface implementation
  • EJS_LEAN_METHOD_ITERATORS - include iterator constructions method
  • EJS_NO_ES_OBJECT_MODEL - assume ECMAScript object model requirement is not needed
  • EJS_NO_ES_ITERATORS - do not add ES iterators interface implementation (by default the package uses own iterators)
  • EJS_NO_ES_CHECK_GENERATOR_RUNNING - do not add check if generator is running on calling its method
  • EJS_NO_UNWRAP_ASYNC_ITERATOR - do not add standard required unwrapping for generator's output
  • EJS_NO_ASYNC_ITERATOR_QUEUE - do not add a queue to method calls
  • EJS_LOCAL_SYMBOLS - use local Symbol's for iterator names, if there are a few builds loaded, and some uses different implementation for interfaces
  • EJS_DEFUNCT - support for defunct option
  • EJS_NO_TRAMPOLINE - don't use trampoline for tail calls, for example, if target JavaScript engine already supports tail calls

Abstract interface



Distributed under the terms of The MIT License (MIT).

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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