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The blog post component is a simple element to show a blog post. This component is primarily for the blog post page.

Overridable variables:

You can override the following variables:

:root {
  --blog-post-color-title: green;
  --blog-post-color-flytitle: blue;
  --blog-post-color-section-link: inherit;
  --blog-post-color-section-link-hover: rebeccapurple;
  --blog-post-color-text: yellow;
  --blog-post-color-link: inherit;
  --blog-post-color-link-underline: pink;
  --blog-post-color-datetime: black;
  --blog-post-background-color-datetime: purple;

  --blog-post-flytitle-spacing: 10px;

  --blog-post-rubric-spacing: 20px;

  --blog-post-section-spacing: 20px;

  --blog-post-image-spacing: 20px;

  --blog-post-text-top-margin: 10px;

  --blog-post-color-link-visited: pink;

  --blog-post-color-blockquote: gray;
  --blog-post-color-blockquote-quotes: red;

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