A template with which to render articles


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A template with which to render articles


  • Stateless.
  • Supports different types of article content.
  • Developed so that article variants with radically-different HTML can co-exist.
  • Separation of styling concerns using variant-specific classes.


An ArticleTemplate is a description of how an ArticleHeader, ArticleSubheader, ArticleBody and ArticleFooter should render a page.

By default it will render a very basic article template, however the use of the higher-order components within component-variantify allow the developer to declaratively specify the different article variants. Both ArticleTemplate and ArticleBodyTemplate can be wrapped to this effect.

All inner components receive a generateClassNameList which can have a class name passed into it so they generate additional variant classes. This function is created from the usage of the higher-order component withVariantClassNameList.

Variant-specific ArticleHeader, ArticleSubheader, ArticleBody and ArticleFooter components can be made with help from some basic components exposed where the default components are defined.



See example.es6 for usage instructions.


npm install --save @economist/component-articletemplate;

Run tests

npm test;

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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