Hook for san-devtool.


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Hook for San. Append a __san_devtool__ namespace on global context contains components and stores raw data.



  • Add autohook in page URL: http://xxx/?autohook
  • Add autohook in script URL: <script src="http://xxx/hook.js?autohook"></script>


import {initHook} from '@ecomfe/san-devhook';

const config = {
    hookOnly: true,                                 // Do not send any message to content script (Only for extension).
    subKey: 'treeData',                             // Key for the array of sub component tree.
    prefixForBindingData: 'my',                     // Auto bing data and props using specified prefix.
    conditions: [{
        listeners: ['onAfterGenerateData', e => { }],
        event: eventName,
        target: targetDOM                           // All listeners will be disabled (do not execute) until the event
    }],                                             // binding on the target is triggered.
    onGenerateData: (
        message, cnode, parentId, component) => {}, // Append customized data for generating component tree.
    onAfterGenerateData: (message, cnode, parentId, component) => {},
    onBeforeListenSan: () => {},                      // Do something before a San event.
    onSanMessage: (
        message, cnode, parentId, component) => {}, // Procedure when a San event triggering.
    onAfterListenSan: () => {},                       // Procedure after a San event.
    onBeforeListenStore: () => {},                    // Procedure before a san-store event.
    onStoreMessage: () => {},                       // Procedure when a san-store event triggering.
    onAfterListenStore: () => {},                     // Procedure after a san-store event.
    onRetrieveData: tree => {},                     // Retrieve root CNode after calling retrieveData().
    onRootReady: (cnode, component) => {}           // Emit when root component is ready.
    onSan: sender => {}                             // Emit when San is initialized.

// The last argument called *config* is the configuration of san-devhook in all callbacks.


In Console

__san_devtool__ namespace

  • san: A San object including version info, Component class etc.
  • _config: User configuration. Please see the section above.
  • initHook: initHook function. Please see the section above.
  • data: Whole component tree.
  • history: San event history.
  • store: Mutation records and stores for san-store.
  • routes: Route info for san-router.
  • getData(): Return data synchronously.
  • retrieveData(): Emit onRetrieveData.
  • showTree(): Display the component tree.

Objects binding on DOM

  • __SAN_COMPONENT__: The component instance of current DOM object.
  • __SAN_DATA__: The component data.
  • __SAN_PROPS__: The component props.
  • __SAN_CNODE__: A CNode instance of component acts as a serializable object.
  • __SAN_PATH__: Ancestor component ID list.
  • showTree(): Display the component tree under current DOM object.

More instructions refer to docs folder.


Run extension test

$ npm run chrome

And open a page using San.

Run browser test

$ npm run browser

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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