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Headings and subheadings should be organised in a hierarchy, with heading first, followed by subheadings in order (An H2 will nestle under H1, and H2 under H3, and so on down).

Size Leading Weight Colour Usage
Headline M 40px Bold / regular White Headline on Page header (only used on homepage)
Heading 1 XXL 44px 600 White/Black Page titles (page header)/body of text
Heading 2 XL 33px 600 Black Body of the page
Heading 3 L 24px 600 EC Grey Body of the page/Listing components
Heading 4 M 30px 600 EC Grey
Heading 5 S 22px Regular / uppercase EC Grey

Line height

Line-height, traditionally known as leading, is one of several factors that directly contribute to readability and pacing of copy. Line-heights are based on the size of the font itself. Ideal line-heights for standard copy has a ratio of 1.66. For example, a type at 1em/16px would have a line-height of 24px (16 x 1.66). The exception to this rule are headings, which need less spacing and therefore have a line-height ratio of 1.1.

Headings line-height: type size x 1.1

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