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An quick and dirty library to redirect your PM2 logs to a Logstash input stream


Tested on node 8.11.3, requires pm2.

  pm2 install @easynvest/pm2-logstash


This module has multiple configuration variables, all fed into node-logstash-client

  • "logstash_host": The hostname of the logstash input (Default: '')
  • "logstash_port": The port to send logstash messages to (Default: 9997)
  • "logstash_type": The connection type (Default: 'UDP') - udp, tcp, memory

After having installed the module:

  pm2 set @easynvest/pm2-logstash:<param> <value>


  pm2 set @easynvest/pm2-logstash:logstash_host my.cool.host
  pm2 set @easynvest/pm2-logstash:logstash_port 12345

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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