Interact with the MATT deployment tool over the CLI


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Matt CLI

Moderately Automated Theme Transfers: Node.js bin for deploying Shopify themes

Usage: matt [options] [command]


-V, --version  output the version number                                                                                            
-h, --help     output usage information                                                                                             


setup <api-key>               Set up authentication details                                                                         
init <project-id> <folder>    Spawn new project workspace                                                                           
switch <envionment>           Switch current workspace to a different deployment environment                                        
project-config <key> <value>  Set a project config setting.                                                                         
env-config <key> <value>      Set an environment config setting.                                                                    
instant                       Enable instant mode                                                                                   
deploy <branch> [--full]      Force a deploy of latest changes (or a full deploy)                                                   
status                        Display workspace status of the current directory                                                     

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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