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Shareable eslint config enforcing our lint and style convention.

Getting started

npm install --save-dev @dwp/eslint-config-base eslint


Add an .eslintrc.js file that looks something like:

module.exports = require('@dwp/eslint-config-base');

You can add your own rules to enhance this, but in doing so please ensure you don't weaken the baseline ruleset.

Don't use .eslintrc (low precedence) or package.json (even lower, and just plain bad!), lest you incur the wrath of a patient adversary.


Add eslint to your test suite like this, or see our package.json for an example of how we do it:

"test": "eslint ."


Unary operators

It is recommended that developers use the ++/-- operators as pre (++variable) rather than post (variable++), unless explicitly required in the statement.

Dangling commas

This config enforces dangling commas in multiline function arguments, which is supported from node version 8 onwards. If you're using an older version of node, you'll need to ignore this rule for functions according to the documentation here: https://eslint.org/docs/rules/comma-dangle.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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