This project contains all models/types for the Duuzra application stack.


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Duuzra Types

This project contains all models/types for the Duuzra application stack.


Environment Setup

To make life easier during development you can use the npm link functionality. This will create a symbolic link between the target and dependent projects and will save you from having to push and pull every change. It will create a dependency to a local package without modifying package.json, you will also be able to modify the files of the package directly through the dependent application.

Given a folder structure similar to this:


navigate to the duuzra_app directory and run:

npm link ../duuzra_types

This will then create the link between the types and app projects, you can verify this by going into the node_modules folder in the app and looking for @duuzra/types. Any changes made to the types project will be immediately reflected in the app project. Obviously this is not suitable for release, the normal method of linking is required here.

To remove the link, run the following:

npm rm @duuzra/types

If the link still appears, then remove globally too:

npm rm -g @duuzra/types

Important: If you have configured the npm link, deleting the node modules folder of the dependent application will also delete the files from the linked package. Be sure to unlink the package before deleting. A good process would be to only use the npm link when actively changing the types project. As soon as the changes have been pushed to the repo, run the unlink command.


The types project is configured to automatically build during install or update in the dependant project. Alternatively you can run the build manually by executing the following:

npm run build

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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