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Dreihouse is a tool to run automated lighthouse audits for a webproject. Dreihouse has the advantage to be more configurable than lighthouse.


npm i dreihouse-cli -g


audit <url> <dir>

This command, launches a headless chrome instance and will run a small set of audits on the given url whenever a file in the given folder changes.

setup <dir>

The setup command will setup the default configuration files in the folder specified in the command. After setup you have to edit the config to your flavours.

report <URL> [--config-file ./config/desktop.js] --reporter [REPORTER]

    dreihouse report https://example.ch -f ./config/desktop.js -r cli

To create a report you have to call this command followed by the config file that holds the configuration for dreihouse. Alternately you can run an audit with a default config by leaving your the config file option.

    dreihouse report https://example.ch -r cli

list of available reporters

  • cli Print lighthouse results in CLI
  • json Store the whole LH report as JSON
  • json-dashboard save just lighthouse-dashboard specific data
  • html save the LH report for further inspections


name optional default example description
-r, --reporter false cli,html,json,json-dashboard Add list of repprters to handle the data. Available
-f, --config-file true ./config/base.js ./config/lh.desktop.js Define the config file
-p, --port true 9222 Debugging port of a running chrome instance
-v, --verbose true false -v = Error; -vv = Info; -vvvv = Debug Verbose console output
-s, --silent true false Suppress spinner on CLI


See @dreipol/lighthouse-runner for detailed config

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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