The core styles and utilities used by all ripple components. Includes sets of colours, fonts, breakpoints.


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The core styles and utilities used by all ripple components. Includes sets of colours, fonts, breakpoints.


This is a globally available options object to allow passing options between ripple components. Don't abuse this, keep it light as the object gets passed between all components.

  nuxt: false, // enable if using in SSR environment eg: nuxt
  isDev: false, // set to true to enable dev mode, used to show Ripple component errors if have.
  hostname: 'localhost', // set hostname for rpl-link etc
  imgQueryString: (bp) => {
    // Override function that appends query string to images to use with image processing CDN's - see @spc-sdp/ripple-nuxt-ui for example
    return `?height=100&width=200` 
  origin: '', // URL with protocol://host(:port) e.g. http://localhost:3000
  quickexit: false, // enable quick exit feature
  quickexiturl: 'https://www.google.com', // URL to use for quickexit
  plugins: [], // array of cheerio transformer function plugins to pass to RplMarkup
  viclogo: true // whether to display primary vic.gov.au logo
  externalLinksInNewWindow: false // (Bool) Whether links open in new window by default
  card: {
    trimFieldfonts: ['Your-font-name'] // If custom fonts are used in card trimmed field, set them here.

For add your options, you need to use the Ripple global plugin in your Vue.js porject.

import RplGlobal from '@dpc-sdp/ripple-global'
Vue.use(RplGlobal, { // You options ... })

For how Vue plugin works, please check https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/plugins.html#Using-a-Plugin.


npm install @dpc-sdp/ripple-global --save

Dependency graph

├── masonry-layout
├── moment
├── object-fit-images
└── vue-focus


import { RplDivider } from '@dpc-sdp/ripple-global'
import RplGlobal from '@dpc-sdp/ripple-global'

Usage and Tests

See Storybook/Atoms/Global/Colors.

See Storybook/Atoms/Global/Fonts.

See Storybook/Atoms/Global/Typography.

See Storybook/Atoms/Global/Breakpoints.

Known issues

  • Typography: Display headings (with background) have reduced padding on IE11 / Edge.


Licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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