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Here goes a brief description of your widget


this._config = {
    height: {                                        // Name of config Item
        name: 'Chart Height',                        // [Optional] - This is the human readable name for this config item in Title Case. It should only be set if this is something that an end user would want to configure.
        description: 'Height of the chart.',        // Human readable description.
        type: 'number',                                // [Optional] - Value type. Will be used for UI elements in future.
        value: 100                                    // Default value for item
    width: {
        name: 'Chart Width'
        description: 'Width of the chart.',
        type: 'number',
        value: 100
    shouldValidate: {
        description: 'Flag for turning off data validation.',
        type: 'boolean',
        value: true
    chartName: {
        description: 'Name of chart for Reporting.',
        type: 'string',
        value: 'DomoTooltip'

Data Definition

// Data Definition:
// Set functions on how to access and validate data values.
_Chart._newDataDefinition = {
    'Label': {
        type: 'string',                                                     // Expected type for column...
        validate: function (d) { return this.accessor(d) !== undefined; },     // Validation function
        accessor: function (line) { return String(line[0]); },                 // Accessor function
    'Value': {
        type: 'number',
        validate: function (d) { return !isNaN(this.accessor(d)) && this.accessor(d) >= 0; },
        accessor: function (line) { return Number(line[1]); },

Create Widget

//Setup some fake data
var data = [

//Initialze the widget
var chart = d3.select("#vis")
    .attr("transform", "translate(50,50)")

//Render the chart with data

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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