Base configuration for ESLint throughout my projects


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ESLint configuration for my personal projects.


Since I have a lot of varying JS projects, I've got several "sub-modules" that are suited to various environments. Each project will likely import several of these modules, since ESLint allows extending with multiple sources:

For apps, where there is likely a mixture of server and browser code, the root .eslintrc will likely extend the core configuration (ie: @dominicbarnes) directly. This allows specific subdirectories to be given the configuration sub-module more suited to them.

For example, in a project that uses node.js for the server, with deku on the client:

  • .eslintrc: { "extends": "@dominicbarnes" }
  • client/.eslintrc: { "extends": [ "@dominicbarnes/mako", "@dominicbarnes/browser", "@dominicbarnes/deku" }
  • server/.eslintrc: { "extends": "@dominicbarnes/node" }

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