Yet another AWS S3 wrapper to simplify your life


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Warning: This package is no longer maintained, please use @jabrythehutt/fs-s3 instead

Yet another S3 wrapper

I often find myself reinventing the wheel when using the AWS SDK for S3 browser and node-based operations.

Copying and deleting multiple files just requires too much boilerplate code and existing efforts (such as node-s3-client) have either been abandoned, do not support promises or only work for Node.

If you like promises then this could be yet another S3 wrapper for you.


  1. Install it

    npm install --save @djabry/fs-s3
  2. Import the script

    • Node or browser with modern build system

      ES6 or TypeScript:

      import * as fss3 from '@djabry/fs-s3';



      var fss3 = require("@djabry/fs-s3");
    • Simple browser

      <script src="node_modules/@djabry/fs-s3/dist/fs-s3-standalone.min.js"></script>
  3. Create a new FileService object

  //Create a new S3 object
  var s3 = new AWS.S3({region: "eu-west-1"});
  //The file service takes the S3 object as the argument constructor
  var fileService = new fss3.FileService(s3);


Live example

Try listing files and uploading into your S3 bucket here.

Write data to a file

//A very important message
var importantMessage = "Don't drink and derive";

//Write the important message to S3
fileService.write(importantMessage, {bucket:"my-bucket",key:"messages/important.txt"});

//Write it to my desktop
fileService.write(importantMessage, {key:"/Users/djabry/Desktop/important.txt"});

//Write it to a new folder on my desktop
fileService.write(importantMessage, {key:"/Users/djabry/Desktop/must_read/important.txt"});

Copy files

//Copy all the files from my desktop to S3
fileService.copy({key:"/Users/djabry/Desktop"}, {bucket:"my-bucket", key:"my-files"})
        console.log("Successfully written",writtenFiles.length,"files");



This describes a file or directory on the local file system or on S3.

export interface AnyFile {
    bucket?:string; //The S3 bucket of the file or left out if a local file
    key:string; //The path to the local file or the s3 key


This is emitted when a file is scanned. It contains the same fields as an AnyFile along with the hash of the file content.

export interface ScannedFile extends AnyFile {
    md5:string; //The md5 hash of the file content
    size:number; //The size of the file in bytes
    mimeType:string; //The mime type of the file


These are the options used when writing files.

export interface WriteOptions {
    skipSame?:boolean; //Skip writing files with the same md5 hash
    overwrite?:boolean; //Overwrite files with the same key/path
    parallel?:boolean; //Perform multiple write operations in parallel
    makePublic?:boolean; //Make the object public (if writing to S3)
    s3Params?:{[key:string]:any}; //Custom s3 params to include in the write request (if writing to s3)


These are the operations that the file service can perform.

export interface IFileService {

     * Read the contents of a file into a string
     * @param file {AnyFile} - The file to read

     * Write data to a file
     * @param body {string | fs.ReadStream} - The data to write
     * @param file {AnyFile} - The destination file to write
     * @param options {WriteOptions} - The optional set of write parameters
    write(body:string | fs.ReadStream, file:AnyFile, options?:WriteOptions):Promise<ScannedFile>;

     * Copy all file/s from one location to another
     * @param source {AnyFile} - The source file or directory
     * @param destination {AnyFile} - The destination file or directory
     * @param options {WriteOptions} - The optional set of write parameters
    copy(source:AnyFile, destination:AnyFile, options?:WriteOptions):Promise<ScannedFile[]>;

     * Recursively list all the files in the dir
     * @param dir {AnyFile} - The file or directory to scan

     * Retrieve a link for getting a file
     * @param file {ScannedFile} - The file to get the link for

     * Delete all files in the folder
     * @param file {AnyFile} - The file or directory to delete
     * @param parallel {boolean} - Whether to delete files in parallel
    deleteAll(file:AnyFile, parallel?:boolean):Promise<AnyFile[]>;

     * Checks if it exists and is a file
     * @param file {AnyFile} - The combination of path/key and/or bucket to check

     * Waits for a file to be written
     * @param file {AnyFile} - The file to wait for

     * Upload files in the browser
     * @param files {FileList} - The file list to upload
     * @param destinationFolder {AnyFile} - The destination folder
     * @param writeOptions {WriteOptions} - The write options to use when writing the files
    uploadFiles(files:FileList, destinationFolder:AnyFile, writeOptions?:WriteOptions):Promise<ScannedFile[]>;

     * Calculate the MD5 checksum of a browser file
     * @param file {File}
     * @returns {Promise<string>}

     *  Upload a single file from the browser
     * @param file {File} - The file to upload
     * @param destination {AnyFile} - The destination to upload the file to
     * @param writeOptions {AnyFile} - The options to use when writing the file
    uploadFile(file:File, destination:AnyFile, writeOptions?:WriteOptions):Promise<ScannedFile>;


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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