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An Ethereum keystore creation tool. It helps you manage eth-lightwallet keystores, which can be used in your dev team with truffle 3.0.


  • Simplified keystore management for deployment migrations
  • Seamless truffle integration (with https://github.com/DigixGlobal/truffle-lightwallet-provider)
  • Easily use remote / hosted Etheruem nodes (such as infura)
  • Securely share keys in a standard format with team members
  • Easy setup with CLI tool


npm install -g @digix/sigmate


Command Line Interface

To begin, you must create a 'sigmate keystore' to be used for a particular deployment/testing environment.

$ sigmate keystore

You'll be then prompted to enter additional information, including a decryption key and optional seed phrase (if you are restoring from a phrase, enter it here, otherwise a new phrase will be generated):

prompt: Keystore label:  project-x
prompt: Decryption password:
prompt: Number of accounts (default 2):  4
prompt: 12 word mnemonic (optional):

Generated seed mnemonic:
gather fat run barrel champion resource close gasp pond wash twelve loan

Generated keystore with 4 accounts:
- 0x....
- 0x....
- 0x....
- 0x....

A keystore is an eth-lightwallet json file of multiple private keys, encrypted. It stored by default in ~/.sigmate/sigmate-v3-[label].json.

$ sigmate list

Will show a list of existing keystores, their addresses and location on disk.

$ sigmate expose

Will reveal the seed mnemonic and private keys of a given keystore.

Truffle integration

See https://github.com/DigixGlobal/truffle-lightwallet-provider.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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