An unopiated styleguide engine for react. **`play`** does the plumbing **`you`** do the styling!


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⛳ play

An unopiated styleguide engine for react. play does the plumbing you do the styling!


  • Authoring documentation un markdown (mdx)
  • Props definition extraction
  • Live code editing
  • Great development environement with live reload, error overlays and more... (powered by create-react-app)


npm install @digitalstudio/play --save-dev
play init # setup the minimal file structure
play # runs your styleguide server
play build # build static assets


when changing files in src, dont forget to run npm run build-dist


https://www.docz.site/ https://www.catalog.style/ https://react-styleguidist.js.org/examples/basic/ https://styleguide.auth0.com/#/ http://styleguides.io/

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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