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GeoLocation module for react-native

The behavior of the default geolocation module included with react-native, navigator.geolocation, is not always obvious and does not meet our use-case for mapeo-mobile. We needed the following features:

  • Initial position using non-GPS (cell towers, wifi) so that the app works indoors in cities
  • Continued GPS aquisition until the accuracy is below a defined threshold
  • Updated GPS positon when the use moves
  • Updates to the GPS status when location services are turned on or off whilst the app is open (e.g. airplane mode turned on)

navigator.geolocation will only sometimes throw an error when location serivces are turned off, and will not always get a new location when they are turned on again. This module uses the following strategy:

  1. Asks for the necessary permissions for using fine and coarse location
  2. Gets an initial position with highAccuracy: false and uses a cached position if a recent one exists
  3. In parallel also starts observing the position with highAccuracy: true, with distanceFilter: 0 which will continuously update the location every 1000ms in testing
  4. Once the accuracy is below a threshold, turns off the continuous watch and starts a new watch with a distance filter, so the location will stop updating every 1000ms and only update when the user moves beyond the threshold distance

Table of Contents


You will need to install and link the peer dependecy react-native-gps-state

npm install -S @digidem/react-native-geolocation
npm install -S @digidem/react-native-gps-state
npm link @digidem/react-native-gps-state


const GeoLocation = require('@digidem/react-native-geolocation')

const loc = new GeoLocation()
  (position) => console.log(position),
  (err) => console.log(err)
// call loc.stopObserving() to stop receiving location updates


Table of Contents


Create a new geolocation instance


  • options Object [not yet implemented]


const loc = new GeoLocation()


Request permissions and start observing the location.

Position.status is an unsigned short representing the status:

Value Associated Constant Description
1 GeoLocation.SEARCHING GPS is searching for a location fix
2 GeoLocation.LOW_ACCURACY Low accuracy position, continuing to search for better accuracy
3 GeoLocation.HIGH_ACCURACY High accuracy position, will only update if use moves

PositionError.code is an unsigned short representing the error:

Value Associated Constant Description
1 GeoLocation.PERMISSION_DENIED Location acquisition failed because the app does not have permission
2 GeoLocation.POSITION_UNAVAILABLE Location acquisition failed because location services are turned off or unavailable
3 GeoLocation.TIMEOUT Timeout was reached before a location was found
4 GeoLocation.UNKNOWN Unknown error occured trying to acquire location
  • onLocation function Called with every location update, including when searching for a location, but no position is available. Returns a Position object with an additional property status (see above)
  • onError function Called every time there is an error (failed to get position) with a PositionError object with an additional PositionError.code (see above)


Stop observing the location




PRs accepted.

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MIT © 2018 Digital Democracy

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