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@digest/typescript provides the required TypeScript dependencies and tsconfig.json. For use with @digest/webpack, you are probably looking for @digest/webpack-typescript.

You must still include a tsconfig.json in your project. It can then extend the provided @digest/typescript/src/tsconfig.json:


    "extends": "node_modules/@digest/typescript/src/tsconfig.json"

It also includes some helpful definitions in node_modules/@digest/typescript/src/shared.d.ts. These can't be extended but can be copied. They are also provided below for convenience:

/* Place inside your /src/global.d.ts */

declare module '*.css';
declare module '*.scss';

declare var System: {
    import: any

declare module "*.json" {
        const value: any;
        export default value;

declare var BUILD: {
    DATE: Date;



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