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@digest/nightwatch provides a Nightwatch configuration which is extendable. @digest/nightwatch/dist/nightwatch.config.js exports a config object that can be further modified. The default config includes support for Firefox and Chrome.

Before running Nightwatch, the Selenium binaries and browser drivers must be downloaded first. The binaries are installed within node_modules, so any time that directory is removed, they must be installed again. An install script is included: @digest/nightwatch/dist/install.js

Nightwatch tests may be run after the binaries have been installed. The default Nightwatch config will look for test files within the __e2e__ directory at the root of the project.

Note: selenium requires Java be installed and JAVA_PATH setup in the local environment.

The following are examples using the provided default nightwatch config:


    "scripts": {
        "nightwatch:install": "node node_modules/@digest/nightwatch/dist/install.js",
        "nightwatch": "sleep 1 && nightwatch --config node_modules/@digest/nightwatch/dist/nightwatch.config.js --env chrome",
        "nightwatch:ci": "sleep 1 && SELENIUM_START=false nightwatch --config node_modules/@digest/nightwatch/dist/nightwatch.config.js --env chrome"

The provided Nightwatch configuration includes several optional configuration parameters:

webpack.digest.config.js Environment Variable Description Default Options
n/a NODE_ENV Use either production or development. Tests will only prompt user during development. production
n/a PORT The host port Default 8080, 8090 when NODE_ENV='development'
baseHref BASE_HREF Set the provided default index.html base href path, e.g. <base href=''>. Also used by provided express and workbox configs. /
e2e E2E Path to end-to-end test files for Nightwatch /__e2e__
headless HEADLESS Whether to run browsers in headless mode in selenium. Useful in CI environments. true
reportPath REPORT_PATH Path to generate reports /reports
seleniumPort SELENIUM_PORT The selenium port 4444
seleniumStart SELENIUM_START Whether to start selenium or not; for CI integration. true

Selenium continuous integration test patterns will vary from team to team. webpack-digest uses Atlassian's docker-node-jdk-chrome-firefox docker container. See this project's GitLab CI and package scripts for examples.



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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