Local development server for Contao 4+


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Contao Dev Server


Contao Dev Server is a local development server for Contao 4.x. If you ever worked with Laravel this project aims to be your php artisan serve.

Why not just php -S?

Contao 4 relies heavily on symlinks, the integrated php webserver doesn't like that and bails on some requests. Contao Dev Server is a thin JS wrapper that utilizes http-server for static resources and http-proxy to serve the meat via PHP.


Contao Dev Server serving the Contao backend

Symfony profiler and debugging tools are conveniently activated



Install by entering sudo npm install -g @dieschittigs/contao-dev-server.


Enter your Contao project or start a new one by using our Yeoman Generator.
Launch by entering contao-dev-server.


--help        Show help  
--version     Show version number  
--host        ""  
--port        9000  
--rootDir     "./web"  
--production  false (if true: use app.php)  
--config      Add your own php.ini, if needed  
--phpExec     "php"
--phpWorkers  How many PHP workers should be spawned?, default: 5


ISC © Die Schittigs

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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