Loads global configurations for client and server from root directory


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Load configuration files based on NODE_ENV variable


npm install @dicehub/config-env-loader -S

# via yarn
yarn add @dicehub/config-env-loader



Only the file that corresponds to the NODE_ENV variable will be included

$ export NODE_ENV=development

Create configuration file config/development.yaml:

# <root>/config/development.yaml


Include the plugin in your entry file

// <root>/index.js

  // Config directory
  configPath: './config/',

And now, every variable that is in the file config/development.yaml is available through the process.env

console.log(process.env.DEVELOPMENT_ENV_VAR) // '42';

The value is string because https://nodejs.org/dist/latest-v10.x/docs/api/process.html#process_process_env


var conf = require('@dicehub/config-env-loader')({
  // The directory where the configuration files for the NODE_ENV are located
  configPath: './config/',

  // The array of files to be included, not depending on the NODE_ENV
  include: ['./common-config.yaml']

// The variable conf contains all that is included
// Except that the types are not converted
process.env.TEST_VAR // '42'
conf.TEST_VAR // 42

Default config file

  1. By default, if NODE_ENV is not provided, the configuration development.yaml is loaded
  2. if in config folder there is a file general.yaml then it will be loaded before the {NODE_ENV}.yaml

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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