CSS/ SASS Style kit to set up Dialexa projects


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Dialexa Style Kit

CSS/ SASS Style base for Dialexa projects



npm install --save @dialexa/style-kit



bower install --save dialexa-style-kit

Importing into your project

There are a couple of ways to import the styles...

  1. Add the path for {dependency_path}/dist/dialexa-style-kit.scss to your build pipeline, to build/ concat/ prefix as you see fit.

    Recommended Method. You will have full usage of the Style Kit's SASS helpers.

    Note: You may need to add node_modules/@dialexa/style-kit (or) bower_components/dialexa-style-kit to your includePath in your SASS compiler/ loader. You will then @import 'dist/dialexa-style-kit.scss'; in your root .scss file.

  2. A built and prefixed CSS file can be found at {dependency_path}/dist/dialexa-style-kit.css.

    DISCLAIMER: This method will not allow the use of the Kit's SASS helpers within your custom SASS. You will only have access to className helpers in your markup.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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