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This library is meant to serve as an extremely lightweight layer on top of Knex for software developer quality of life purposes. It's not meant to be extensive, support associations (belongs to, has many), etc. If you are looking for something like that, please refer to some of the following:

Basic Usage

The repository class can be initialized like so:

import { Repository } from '@dialexa/knex-plus';

const repository = new Repository(knex, 'users');

The constructor takes a knex object (which can be a transaction) and a table name.

The repository method signatures can be found here


import { Repository } from '@dialexa/knex-plus';
// Initialize the repository
const repository = new Repository(knex, 'users');
// Create a record
await repository.create({ email: 'luke@dialexa.com', password: 'password' });
// Fetch a record
const user = await repository.findBy({ email: 'luke@dialexa.com' });
// Update a record
await repository.update({ id: user.id }, { password: 'swordfish' });
// Destroy a record
await repository.destroy({ id: user.id });


Type Checking

The repository can be initialized with an interface if using typescript for type checking on returned records like so:

import { Repository } from '@dialexa/knex-plus';

interface IUser {
  id?: string,
  email: string,
  createdAt: Date,
  updatedAt?: Date

const repository = new Repository<IUser>(knex, 'users');


This library includes a class AuditableRepository that will automatically update an updatedAt column if desired. The class constructor is identical to Repository and can be initialized like so:

import { AuditableRepository } from '@dialexa/knex-plus';

const repository = new AuditableRepository(knex, 'users');

If you want to customize the updatedAt column, you can do so:

import { AuditableRepository } from '@dialexa/knex-plus';

const repository = new AuditableRepository(knex, 'users', 'modifiedAt');

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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