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Build tooling for Devexperts frontend team projects.


dx-tools <command>

Commands are located under src/scripts directory. Some of available commands:


dx-tools build-lib <src-path> <dist-path> [-w|--watch] [-f|--failOnError] [-p|--project <relative path to custom tsconfig.json>]

Builds projects using following rules:

  • Typescript - transpile *.ts|*.tsx files, produce *.js|*.jsx & *.d.ts files, run type checking service in background
  • Stylus - copy to dist-path as-is. Compilation of stylus files is not included.
  • svg & other types of files - copy as-is.


  • --watch - run in watch mode
  • --failOnError - if set, build process will return error code 1 in case of any Typescript compilation errors. Used for CI.
  • --project <relative path to custom tsconfig.json> - if set, build process will be using specified typescript configuration file.


    dx-tools storybook -c <config-path> [-p|--port <port>] [-h|--host <hostname>]
    Run storybook with predefined config in watch mode.
  • --port <port> - Set custom port. Default - 9001.
  • --host <hostname> - Set custom hostname. Default - localhost.


    dx-tools clean <path>
    Remove dist folder before fresh build.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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