Various utility functions shared between other Detox libraries


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Detox utils Travis CI

Various utility functions shared between other Detox libraries.

Functions support working in Node.js as well as modern browsers

How to install

npm install @detox/utils

How to use


var detox_utils = require('@detox/utils')

// Do stuff


requirejs(['@detox/utils'], function (detox_utils) {
    // Do stuff

List of exported functions

  • random_bytes()
  • random_int()
  • sample()
  • pull_random_item_from_array()
  • array2hex()
  • hex2array()
  • string2array()
  • array2string()
  • are_arrays_equal()
  • concat_arrays()
  • timeoutSet()
  • intervalSet()
  • error_handler()
  • ArrayMap()
  • ArraySet()
  • base58_encode()
  • base58_decode()

Look at source code and tests for details and usage examples.


Feel free to create issues and send pull requests (for big changes create an issue first and link it from the PR), they are highly appreciated!

When reading LiveScript code make sure to configure 1 tab to be 4 spaces (GitHub uses 8 by default), otherwise code might be hard to read.


Free Public License 1.0.0 / Zero Clause BSD License



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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