Deploy JS applications with a single command


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Deploy JS applications with a single command. Based on ember-cli-deploy.

How to use

  1. npm install -g @deployjs/cli
  2. cherry-pick your plugins fitting to your deployment situation (S3, Azure) from http://ember-cli-deploy.com/plugins/
  3. on your project use npm install @deployjs/angular-build for your Angular 2+ environment, npm install @deployjs/grunt-build for your grunt-based asset compilation or npm install @deployjs/react-build to get your React app build and deployed.
  4. create config/deploy.js containing your deployment configuration, as described in http://ember-cli-deploy.com/docs/v1.0.x/configuration/
  5. run deployjs deploy to deploy your latest project, deployjs list to view all active deployment and deployjs activate --revision <hash> to activate a revision.

View more thorough documentation.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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