Version 0.2.0


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Version 0.2.0

This module contains reusable react components from vets-website housed in its design system repo.

Quick start

npm install @department-of-veterans-affairs/jean-pants

import @department-of-veterans-affairs/jean-pants/COMPONENTNAME

See design system and its repo for more info on components.

Included components:

  • AdditionalInfo.js
  • AlertBox.js
  • ExpandingGroup.js
  • ErrorableDate.js
  • ErrorableCheckbox.js
  • ErrorableFileInput.js
  • ErrorableMonthYear.js
  • ErrorableNumberInput.js
  • ErrorableRadioButtons.js
  • ErrorableSelect.js
  • ErrorableTextArea.js
  • ErrorableTextInput.js
  • IconHelp.js
  • IconSearch.js
  • IconUser.js
  • LoadingIndicator.js
  • Modal.js
  • OMBInfo.js
  • Pagination.js
  • PrivacyAgreement.js
  • ProgressBar.js
  • ProgressButton.js
  • SearchMenu.js
  • SegmentedProgressBar.js
  • SortableTable.js
  • SystemDownView.js
  • Tooltip.js


Our components are styled with sass, which is exported in the sass directory in the module. There's a core.scss file that includes uswds styles and our changes on top of it. Many of the components also have individual scss files in sass/modules, which you should make sure to import when using a particular component.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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