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Yeoman generator for applications on VA.gov


The generator is already installed as a devDependency of vets-website.


From vets-website, run npm run new:app.

Follow the instructions on screen.

For more details on answering the prompts, the following documentation might be helpful.

These resources are also provided by the generator at startup.


Making changes

There are two generators: one for general (non-form) apps and one for form apps.

  • The latter runs on top of the former if certain prompts are answered to generate a form app.
  • Each generator has its own set of templates from which it generates files in the app structure.

For specifics on writing a generator, refer to the official Yeoman documentation.

Testing changes

  1. Make your modified generator available as a global module.

    From the root of this repo (generator-vets-website):

    # Create a symlink in your global node_modules to this module.
    npm link
  2. Run your modified generator in your local vets-website.

    From the root of vets-website:

    # Point vets-website's local generator to your newly linked global module.
    npm link @department-of-veterans-affairs/generator-vets-website
    # Start up Yeoman.
    npx yo
    # Choose to run generator-vets-website in the Yeoman prompt.

    Due to the link, any further changes to the generator will automatically be included when you run it within your local vets-website repo.

  3. When you're done testing your changes, clean up the links:

    # From the root of vets-website:
    npm unlink --no-save @department-of-veterans-affairs/generator-vets-website
    # From the root of generator-vets-website:
    npm unlink

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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