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Density UI Icons



Install the icons package into whatever project you'd like:

npm install @density/ui-icons

Use the icon:

import { IconImageUpload } from '@density/ui-icons';

// In a react component:
<IconImageUpload />

// With a special color
<IconImageUpload color="primary" />
<IconImageUpload color="#e59da1" />

// With a special size (in pixels)
<IconImageUpload width={14} height={14} />

Adding icons

From sketch


  1. Find density-ui-icons on Plant.
  2. In the sketch sidebar, right click on each icon and select Copy SVG Code.
  3. Paste the resulting svg into the left pane of this tool: https://svg2jsx.herokuapp.com. Copy the output from the right pane.
  4. Add the icon to the ICONS object in components/icons/index.js, where the key is the component name and the value is a function that accepts any props that can be passed to the component and returns the resulting jsx from the svg2jsx tool (parameterized with any props that would be desired)

Example of step 4:

const ICONS = {
  /* ... */
  IconMyCrazyNewThing: ({color, width, height}) => <svg width={width || 18} height={height || 18}>...</svg>,
  /* ... */

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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