A command line interface for @delucis/filesize.


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A minimal utility to print human-friendly file sizes from the command line. Provides an interface for @delucis/filesize, which in turn wraps filesize.


# install for global use
npm install -g @delucis/filesize-cli


filesize -v           # print version number to the terminal window
filesize -h           # show detailed help in the terminal window
filesize my-file.txt  # print file size using default options


Most options that can be passed to filesize can be passed via the command line.

option effect
--base=<number> Number base of file size, default is 2
-b, --bits Enables bit sizes, default is false
-e, --exponent=<number> Specifies the symbol via exponent, e.g. 2 is MB for base 2, default is -1
-f, --fullform Enables full form of unit of measure, default is false
-h, --help Display detailed help text
-o, --output=<string> Output of function (array, exponent, object, or string), default is string
-r, --round=<number> Decimal place, default is 2
--spacer=<string> Character between the result and its suffix, default is " "
--standard=<string> Standard unit of measure, can be iec or jedec, default is jedec; can be overruled by --base
-u, --unix Enables unix style human readable output, e.g ls -lh, default is false
-v, --version Print filesize’s version number

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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