Initialise a Node module using @delucis’s defaults


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Initialise a new Node project using @delucis’s defaults


mkdir new-project
cd new-project
npm init @delucis

If you want to suppress prompts and accept all defaults/assumptions:

npm init @delucis --silent


  • Tooling
    • StandardJS for code style linting
    • AVA unit testing
    • Test coverage with nyc and Coveralls
    • Travis-CI configured to use Coveralls
    • Version release flow with npm run release, using standard-version
    • Use conventional commits with commitizen (install globally for ease of running git cz)
    • .gitignore for Node
  • Community
  • Set-up
    • Generates package.json and a simple README for you
    • Creates a new private GitHub repo and pushes the initial commit


Inspired by @iarna/create

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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