A Promise-based, object-key, cache extension for Redis and MemoryCache.


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node-object-key-cache is a promise-based, object-key, cache extension for the Redis and memory-cache modules.

Object Key Cache provides the ability to use JavaScript Objects as keys values when committing to cache.

During connection to Redis, it defaults to fail-back to the memory cache when when connecting to Redis fails.

Object Keys that are passed into the associated "O"-functions (e.g. oget, oset, etc.) are JSON stringified and then SHA256 hashed in an attempt to preserve the uniqueness of the key. Note: No additional mitigation of potential collision of key spaces with SHA256 is being performed. With one billion messages there is approximately a 1 in 4.3 x 1060 chance with SHA256 that two separate strings will generate an identical hash. The probability is negligible for most use cases; however, if very, very large numbers of keys are likely to be stored then consideration should be given to name-spacing or segregating data by how it will be used within the cache to avoid any potential for collisions.


npm install @dealerslink/node-object-key-cache


const ObjectKeyCache = require('@dealerslink/node-object-key-cache');
const objKeyCache = new ObjectKeyCache();

See wiki for more details.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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