Parse LDS structure and return indexable object


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LDS - Parser

This package parses all files in a LDS project and creates a LDS Object, with additional data, and sets the content of components into namespaces.

returns a structure object containing all components within documentation, base, components, modules, helpers, views, layouts.

for instance:

{ components: [ { isLDSObject: true, id: '/components/name', path: '[DIR_ON_SERVER]/components/name', name: name, partialName: 'component:name' info: [content of readme.md], template: [content of readme.hbs], example: [content of example.hbs], data: {[JSONDATA from default.json]}, styles: [content of index.css], script: content of index.js], config: {[JSONDATA from config.json]}, screen: '/assets/screens/component/name.png', category: 'component', group: 'components', children: false, templates: [Array of all template files in folder], files: [Array of all editable files in folder], dependentBy: [{Components which this component is dependent of},{},{}], dependencyTo: [{Components, which are dependent of this component}], code: { styles: "Rendered index.css in PrismJS", script: "Rendered index.js in PrismJS", template: "Rendered index.hbs in PrismJS" }, revisions: {"Changes in files on current server, through API (styleguide or editor)"} }, ... ], ... }

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