Calculate dates with easy to read helper functions


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Generate dates with readable function chaining.

Also has functions accepting numbers to help with using values provided from elsewhere.


npm install @date/generator --save


var gen = require('@date/generator')

// these are equivalent:
//   specify each thing individually
var washingtonDay = gen.third().monday().in().february().of(2016)
//   skip the in() and of() and specify the year in the february() call
var washingtonDay = gen.third().monday().february(2016)
//   specify 'third' with a '3' to monday(),
//           'february' with '1' to month()
var washingtonDay = gen.monday(3).month(1).of(2016)

var thanksgiving  = gen.fourth().thursday().in().november().of(2016)


Start with the order functions:

  1. first() - 1
  2. second() - 2
  3. third() - 3
  4. fourth() - 4
  5. last() - 5 (will be last, even when last is the fourth)


Day functions are available after calling an order function, or, start with them and specify the order value as 1-5:

  1. sunday()
  2. monday()
  3. tuesday()
  4. wednesday()
  5. thursday()
  6. friday()
  7. saturday()


Month functions are available after calling a day function:

  1. january()
  2. february()
  3. march()
  4. april()
  5. may()
  6. june()
  7. july()
  8. august()
  9. september()
  10. october()
  11. november()
  12. december()

Also, shortcut making a call to of(year) after it and specify the year in the month call, like august(2016).


Last call specifies the year to function of(year) and returns a Date instance.

MIT License

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