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This is a fork of lolcatjs, which itself is a Node port of the lolcat Ruby gem.


npm install -g @darkobits/lolcatjs

Use (CLI)

Use (Node)

If you just want to synchronously transform a plain string, use the static fromString method on the Printer class:

import Printer from '@darkobits/lolcatjs';
const input = 'The quick brown fox\njumps over the\nlazy dog.';
const transformed = Printer.fromString(input);

If you need to do more exotic things, like transform streams and/or files, you'll want to instantiate a new Printer:

import Printer from '@darkobits/lolcatjs';

// Create a new printer.
const printer = new Printer();

// The printer can accept input from strings:
printer.fromString('The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.');

// Or streams (async):
await printer.fromStream(getReadableStreamSomehow());

// Or files (async):
await printer.fromFile('/path/to/muh/file.txt');

// (Or all of the above, in any combination.)

// Output can be read by calling toString():

// Or by using the printer in an interpolated string literal:
console.log(`Output: ${printer}`);

// Or, you can pipe it to a writable stream:


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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