Returns a JSON object containing information about an application's platform, process and health state.


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DADI Status

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DADI Status returns a JSON object containing information about an application's platform, process and health state.

Data returned

  • Latest version of the specified NPM module (e.g. @dadi/web)
  • Node version
  • Process ID
  • Process uptime
  • Process memory usage
  • Hostname
  • System platform and version
  • System Uptime
  • Memory, free and total
  • Current load averages

Health Check Routes

In addition to system information, if a collection of routes are specified DADI Status will send a request to each one and return data about the response:

  "routes": [
      "route": "/movies/latest",
      "status": 200,
      "responseTime": 0.039,
      "healthStatus": "Green"

User-Agent identifier

DADI Status passes a User-Agent header to idenitify itself when making health check requests. The following header is used:

'User-Agent': '@dadi/status'



npm install @dadi/status --save

Add a route

var dadiStatus = require('@dadi/status')

app.use('/api/status', function(req, res, next) {
  var params = {
    site: "WC?",
    package: '@dadi/web',
    version: version,
    healthCheck: {
      baseUrl: '',
      authorization: 'Bearer 123abcdef',
      routes: [{
        route: '/movies/latest',
        expectedResponseTime: 10

  dadiStatus(params, function(err, data) {
    if (err) return next(err)
    var resBody = JSON.stringify(data, null, 2)

    res.statusCode = 200
    res.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json')
    res.setHeader('content-length', Buffer.byteLength(resBody))

Sample response

  "service": {
    "site": "WC?",
    "package": "@dadi/web",
    "versions": {
      "current": "1.1.2",
      "latest": "1.1.2"
  "process": {
    "pid": 19463,
    "uptime": 3.523,
    "uptimeFormatted": "0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 3 seconds",
    "versions": {
      "http_parser": "2.3",
      "node": "0.12.0",
      "v8": "3.28.73",
      "uv": "1.0.2",
      "zlib": "1.2.8",
      "modules": "14",
      "openssl": "1.0.1l"
  "memory": {
    "rss": "86.508 MB",
    "heapTotal": "65.771 MB",
    "heapUsed": "32.938 MB"
  "system": {
    "platform": "darwin",
    "release": "14.5.0",
    "hostname": "hudson",
    "memory": {
      "free": "37.781 MB",
      "total": "8.000 GB"
    "load": [
    "uptime": 155084,
    "uptimeFormatted": "1 days 19 hours 4 minutes 44 seconds"
  "routes": [
      "route": "/movies/latest",
      "responseTime": 0.039,
      "healthStatus": "Green"


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