Generates pagination metadata for result sets in DADI products


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Generates pagination metadata for result sets in DADI products.

npm (scoped)

  "page": 2,
  "limit": 20,
  "offset": 0,
  "totalCount": 200,
  "totalPages": 10,
  "nextPage": 3,
  "prevPage": 1  


$ npm install --save @dadi/metadata


The metadata function accepts two arguments:

argument description
options the options that were used to generate the data set
options.page the page number requested
options.limit the number of records requested
options.skip the number of records skipped
count the total number of records in the original data set, before options were applied
var meta = require('@dadi/metadata')

var options = {
  page: 2,
  limit: 20

var metadata = meta(options, 200)

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