A collection of Dust.js helpers used in DADI+ projects


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DADI Dust.js helpers

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A collection of Dust.js helpers used in DADI+ projects.


npm install @dadi/dustjs-helpers --save

Load the helpers

/* app/utils/helpers/loader.js */

// first, a reference to the loaded pages and routes within your application
var components = require('@dadi/web').Components

// also, a reference to the Dust template module inside DADI Web
var dust = require('@dadi/web').Dust

// Load DADI helpers
require('@dadi/dustjs-helpers')(dust.getEngine(), { components: components })

More helpers

We also recommend including the common DustJS helpers from https://github.com/rodw/common-dustjs-helpers.

npm install common-dustjs-helpers --save

Add the following to your loader.js file

// Load common-dustjs-helpers
var commonDustHelpers = require('common-dustjs-helpers')
new commonDustHelpers.CommonDustjsHelpers().export_helpers_to(dust.getEngine())


  1. Clone this repository

  2. Make your changes to dadi-dustjs-helpers.js

  3. Add your tests to test/test.js

  4. Run test suite

    npm test
  5. Build minified file

    npm run build

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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