Cycle.js driver that uses React Native to render


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Cycle React Native

Cycle.js driver that uses React Native to render

  • Provides a driver factory makeReactNativeDriver
  • Contains hyperscript helper functions, such as View(), Text(), etc
npm install @cycle/react-native


import xs from 'xstream';
import {run} from '@cycle/run';
import {makeReactNativeDriver, TouchableOpacity, View, Text} from '@cycle/react-native';

function main(sources) {
  const inc = Symbol();
  const inc$ = sources.react.select(inc).events('click');

  const count$ = inc$.fold(count => count + 1, 0);

  const elem$ = count$.map(i =>
    TouchableOpacity(inc, [
        Text(`Counter: ${i}`),

  return {
    react: elem$,

run(main, {
  react: makeReactNativeDriver('MyApp'),


Start by installing React Native prerequisites (XCode, react-native-cli, watchman).

Then create a React Native project using the CLI.

When the project is set up, npm install @cycle/react-native, @cycle/run, and a stream library like xstream, then replace the index.js with something that looks like the example code in this readme.



Returns a driver that uses React Native to render your Cycle.js app in the native application known by the string appKey.

Hyperscript helpers

Import hyperscript helpers such as View, Text, TouchableOpacity, etc to create React elements to represent the respective built-in native components: <View>, <Text>, <TouchableOpacity>, etc.

The basic usage is View(props, children), but some variations and shortcuts are allowed:

  • View() becomes <View/>
  • View(props) becomes <View {...props}></View>
  • Text('text content') becomes <Text>text content</Text>
  • View([child1, child2])
  • Text(props, 'text content')
  • View(props, [child1, child2])
  • etc

There are also shortcuts for (MVI) intent selectors:

  • Touchable(someSymbol) becomes h(Touchable, {sel: someSymbol})
  • Touchable(sym, props) becomes h(Touchable, {sel: sym, ...props})
  • Text('myselector', 'text content')
  • Touchable('inc', [child])
  • Touchable('inc', propsObject, [child])
  • etc

For non-built-in components (e.g. third party) components, you can use h(ThirdPartyComponent) with h from @cycle/react or you can build a helper using makeHelper(ThirdPartyComponent) with makeHelper from @cycle/react-native.

Other native drivers

This library only covers React components in React Native and View-related rendering. For other native APIs in React Native, use drivers specifically built for those. See the list below:


MIT, Andre 'Staltz' Medeiros 2018

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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