CX Cloud Core Services Module


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CX Cloud Core Services

A collection of tools to work with 3rd Party and Partner services & networks. This module is meant to be used in creating commerce services.

An example of implementation can be found in CX API Accelerator.

Installation and Usage

npm install @cxcloud/core
import { Commerce, Content } from '@cxcloud/core';
import { Cart } from '@cxcloud/core/dist/commerce';

Included Bundles

  • Commerce (Powered by CommerceTools)
    • Products
    • Categories
    • Shipping
    • Carts
    • Orders
    • Customers
    • Authentication
  • Content (Powered by Contentful)
    • Entry
    • Entries
    • Space Info
  • Search (Powered by Algolia)
  • Authentication (Powered by AWS Cognito)
    • Login (Normal, MFA)
    • Registration
    • Edit Profile and Phone Number
    • Session Update
    • Password Forgot, Reset, Change
    • Get Profile


An automatically generated documentation can be found here.

Config Schema

Using this module requires configuration. You can do so by installing node-config in your project and setting up the following keys one of your json files:

  "commerceTools": {
    "projectKey": "PROJECT_KEY",
    "admin": {
      "clientId": "ADMIN_CLIENT_ID",
      "clientSecret": "ADMIN_CLIENT_ID"
    "user": {
      "clientId": "USER_FACING_CLIENT_ID",
      "clientSecret": "USER_FACING_CLIENT_SECRET"
  "contentful": {
    "sdkConfig": {
      "space": "SPACE_ID",
      "accessToken": "ACCESS_TOKEN"
  "algolia": {
    "applicationId": "APP_ID",
    "apiKey": "API_KEY"
  "cognito": {
    "userPoolId": "USER_POOL_ID",
    "clientId": "CLIENT_ID"


This project is licensed under The GPL v2 and is released merely for educational and internal purposes. The modules are not useful independently and require paid licenses from the vendors mentioned above.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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