Download a given granule


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Download a given granule from a given provider to S3

Message Configuration


field name type default values description
buckets object (required) Object specifying AWS S3 buckets used by this task
downloadBucket string (required) Name of AWS S3 bucket to use when downloading files
provider object (required) The cumulus-api provider object
collection object The cumulus-api collection object
duplicateHandling string error
  • error - Throws an error on duplicates
  • replace - Replaces the existing file
  • skip - Skips the duplicate file
  • version - Adds a suffix to the existing filename to avoid a clash
Specifies how duplicate filenames should be handled
fileStagingDir string file-staging Directory used for staging location of files. Granules are further organized by stack name and collection name making the full path file-staging/<stack name>/<collection name>
pdr object Object containing the name and path for a PDR file
stack string The name of the deployment stack to use. Useful as a prefix.

About Cumulus

Cumulus is a cloud-based data ingest, archive, distribution and management prototype for NASA's future Earth science data streams.

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