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Sass Import Resolve resolves the path and contents of Sass imports, following the Sass Import Resolve Specification.

npm install @csstools/sass-import-resolve

The Resolve Method

The resolve method takes any path and returns its absolute path, as resolved by the Sass Import Resolve Specification.

import resolve from '@csstools/sass-import-resolve';

const { file } = resolve('path/to/sass-file');

The resolve method may also return the contents of the resolved file.

const { file, contents } = resolve('path/to/sass-file', {
  readFile: true

The resolve method may also resolve the path from a specific directory.

const { file } = resolve('sass-file', {
  cwd: 'path/to'

The resolve method may also share its resolved cache.

const sharedCache = {};

const { file } = resolve('path/to/sass-file', {
  cache: sharedCache

/* sharedCache {
  "/absolute/path/to/sass-file": Promise {
    contents (when `readFile` is true)
} */

The Resolve Algorithm

When @import is called, the following high-level algorithm is used to resolve the location of a file within url(id) from cwd:

  1. if id begins with /
    1. cwd is the filesystem root
  2. file is cwd/id
  3. base is base path of file
  4. dir is directory path of file
  5. if base ends with .sass, .scss, or .css
    1. test whether file exists
    2. if base does not start with _
      1. test whether dir/_base exists
  6. otherwise
    1. test whether dir/base.scss exists
    2. test whether dir/base.sass exists
    3. test whether dir/base.css exists
    4. if base does not start with _
      1. test whether dir/_base.scss exists
      2. test whether dir/_base.sass exists
      3. test whether dir/_base.css exists
  7. if the length of existing files is 1
    1. return the existing file
  8. otherwise, if the length of existing files is greater than 1
    1. throw "It's not clear which file to import"
  9. otherwise, if base does not end with .css
    1. throw "File to import not found or unreadable"

See the Sass Import Resolve Specification for more details.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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