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The React Growl Notifications module used in Crystallize PIM. This is a generic React package initially built for the React boilerplates powered by Headless Ecommerce.

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yarn add @crystallize/react-growl styled-components framer-motion


npm install @crystallize/react-growl styled-components framer-motion

The module requires two peer dependencies which are used in Crystallize PIM, styled-components and framer-motion


In Layout or somewhere outside the route definition:

import { GrowlScene } from '@crystallize/react-growl';

    <GrowlScene />
    <MyApp />

Call it!

import { growl } from '@crystallize/react-growl';

// Regular
const myGrowl = await growl({
    title: 'Good job',
    message: 'You got this growl to work!'

// With JSX and a type
const myGrowl = await growl({
    title: 'Title goes here',
    message: <b>Hey, I can use JSX!</b>,
    type: 'error'

// Sticky, user cannot close it
const myGrowl = await growl({
    title: "I'm sticky",
    message: 'You just try to remove me!',
    sticky: true

// Custom timeout
const myGrowl = await growl({
    title: "I'll go away quickly",
    message: 'It will only be in your life for 2 seconds',
    timeout: 2000

Growl props

Prop name Type Default Description
type string info The type of growl. One of "info", "warning" or "error"
timeout number (inherited from GrowlScene) Set a custom timeout (in milliseconds) for the growl instance
title string null The title
message string null The message
sticky boolean false If the growl should "stick" to the screen and hide the close button and not auto close

Growl instance

When you call growl, you can await the growl instance. On the instance you have the following methods available


    type: 'warning',
    title: 'New title',
    message: <div>New message</div>,
    sticky: true

Takes the same arguments as growl(). Updates the growl in-place.



Hide the growl manually, because it is a static growl, or because you do not want to wait for the auto timeout.

GrowlScene props

Prop name Type Default
growlComponent Component null
defaultTimeout number 7000

Whatever other props you pass will be forwarded along to the underlying UL

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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