Node module for getting user input in shell


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Node module for getting user input in shell


yarn add @creuna/prompt


prompt(questions: Object) : Object

const { name, likesPrompt } = prompt({
  name: "Your name",
  age: {
    text: "Your age",
    value: process.argv[2],
    optional: true
  password: {
    text: "Password",
    obfuscate: true
  likesPrompt: {
    text: "Do you like prompt?",
    type: Boolean


Question can either be a string or an object. If question is a string, all config options will have the default value. If you need to configure the question, pass it as an object

Question config

  • text: string. Text to display to user
  • value: string or boolean. Predefined answer to question. If it is defined, prompt will not ask this question. Great for usage with process.argv.
  • type: String | Boolean - default String. If Boolean is used, '[y/n]' will be printed behind the text, and the answer will be returned as a boolean
  • obfuscate: boolean - default false. If set to true, input will be obfuscated with asterisks (***)
  • optional: Boolean - default false. Affects questions of type String only. If set to true, a missing answer will be returned as an empty string. If left at false, prompt will keep asking until a non-empty answer is given.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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